Antonio Belpaese
Gains 10% more Damage every 10 levels (max +50%).

Imelda Belpaese
Gains 10% more Experience every 5 levels (max +30%).

Pasqualina Belpaese
Projectiles get 10% faster every 5 levels (max +30%).

Gennaro Belpaese
Permanent +1 projectile (all weapons).

Arca Ladonna
Weapon cooldown is reduced by 5% every 10 levels (max -15%).

Porta Ladonna
Permanent +30% Area. Starts with temporary cooldown bonus.

Lama Ladonna
Gains +5% Might, Move Speed, and Curse every 10 levels (max +20%).

Poe Ratcho
Permanent +25% Pickup range and -30 Max Health.

Suor Clerici
Permanent +0.5 HP/s and +50 Max Health. Starts with temporary Area bonus.

Permanent +40% Duration and Speed, -40% Move Speed.

Krochi Freetto
Starts with 1 Revival. Gains 1 more Revival at level 33.

Christine Davain
Starts with 1 extra level.

Pugnala Provola
Gains +1% Might every level.

Giovanna Grana
Gains +1% Projectile speed every level.

Poppea Pecorina
Gains +1% Duration every level.

Concetta Caciotta
Gains +1% Area every level.

Gets more projectiles every 20 levels (max +3).

Yatta Cavallo
Gets more projectiles every 20 levels (max +3).

Bianca Ramba
Gets more projectiles every 20 levels (max +3).

O'Sole Meeo
Gets more projectiles every 20 levels (max +3).

Sir Ambrojoe
Gets more projectiles every 20 levels (max +3). Starts with temporary Amount bonus.

Iguana Gallo Valletto
Starts with 1 extra level. Gains +10% Growth every 5 levels (max +50%).

Divano Thelma
Starts with 1 extra level. Gains +1 Armor every 5 levels (max +5).

Zi'Assunta Belpaese
Gains +0.5% Might, Projectile speed, Duration, and Area every level.

At least they're lucky.

So much potential.

Smith IV
The quirky white bear.


Boon Marrabbio

Avatar Infernas
Starts with extra Arcana XIX - Heart Of Fire. Grows stronger with every level, but also loses control.

Listed weapon projectiles explode on impact. Light sources explode. Character explodes when damaged.

Minnah Mannarah
Might, Projectile speed, Duration, Area, and Cooldown change every minute.


Cosmo Pavone
Gains +1 Recovery and +1% Luck every level. Gains +1 Revival every 100 levels. Has hidden weapons.
( )

Starts with temporarily reduced Area.

Big Trouser
Gains +1% Greed every level. Gold Fever lasts longer.



Gains Boros
Gains +2% Growth every level.

Gains +1% Curse every level. Can find evolutions in any Treasure Chest.

Mask of the Red Death
A blasphemous mockery.

Queen Sigma
She owns everything.

Gains a hidden Lightning Ring every 8 levels (max 6) that also fires when losing health.


Attacks horizontally, passes through enemies.
Ignores: Speed, Duration.

Bloody Tear
Evolved Whip. Can deal critical damage and absorb HP.
Requires: Hollow Heart

Magic Wand
Fires at the nearest enemy.
Ignores: Duration.

Holy Wand
Evolved Magic Wand. Fires with no delay.
Requires: Empty Tome.

Fires quickly in the faced direction.
Ignores: Duration.

Thousand Edge
Evolved Knife. Fires with no delay.
Requires: Bracer.

High damage, high Area scaling.
Ignores: Duration.

Death Spiral
Evolved Axe. Passes through enemies.
Requires: Candelabrador.

Aims at nearest enemy, has boomerang effect.
Ignores: Duration.

Heaven Sword
Evolved Cross. Can deal critical damage.
Requires: Clover.

King Bible
Orbits around the character.
Best with: Speed, Duration, Area.

Unholy Vespers
Evolved King Bible. Never ends.
Requires: Spellbinder.

Fire Wand
Fires at a random enemy, deals heavy damage.
Ignores: Duration.

Evolved Fire Wand. Passes through enemies.
Requires: Spinach.

Damages nearby enemies. Reduces resistance to knockback and freeze.
Ignores: Amount, Duration, Speed.

Soul Eater
Evolved Garlic. Steals hearts. Power increases when recovering HP.
Requires: Pummarola.

Santa Water
Generates damaging zones.
Ignores: Speed.

La Borra
Evolved Santa Water. Damaging zones follow you and grow when they move.
Requires: Attractorb.

Passes through enemies, bounces around.
Best with: Speed, Duration.

Evolved Runetracer. Explodes when bouncing and in retaliation.
Requires: Armor

Lightning Ring
Strikes at random enemies.
Ignores: Speed, Duration.

Thunder Loop
Evolved Lightning Ring. Projectiles strike twice.
Requires: Duplicator.

Erases everything in sight.
Best with: Cooldown and Luck only.

Gorgeous Moon
Evolved Pentagram. Generates extra gems and gathers all of them.
Requires: Crown.

Bombards in a circling zone.
Best with: Cooldown, Duration.

Ebony Wings
Bombards in a circling zone.
Best with: Cooldown, Duration.

Union of Ebony Wings and Peachone.

Bombards in a circling zone.
Best with: Cooldown, Duration.

Zhar Ptytsia
Bombards in a circling zone.
Best with: Cooldown, Duration.

Phiera Der Tuphello
Fires quickly in four fixed directions.
Ignores: Duration.

Eight The Sparrow
Fires quickly in four fixed directions.
Ignores: Duration.

Union of Phiera Der Tuphello and Eight The Sparrow. Scales with Revivals.
Requires: Tiragisú.

Red Muscle
Fires quickly in four fixed directions.
Ignores: Duration.

Twice Upon a Time
Fires quickly in four fixed directions.
Ignores: Duration.

Gatti Amari
Summons capricious projectiles. Might interact with pickups.
Best with: Luck, Floor Chicken.

Vicious Hunger
Evolved Gatti Amari. Might turn anything into gold.
Requires: Stone Mask.

Flock Destroyer
Summons capricious projectiles. Might interact with pickups.
Best with: Luck, Floor Chicken.

Song of Mana
Attacks vertically, passes through enemies.
Ignores: Amount, Speed.

Evolved Song of Mana. Might slow enemies down.
Requires: Skull O'Maniac

Shadow Pinion
Generates damaging zones when moving, strikes when stopping.
Best with: Move Speed.

Valkyrie Turner
Evolved Shadow Pinion. Bigger, longer, faster, stronger.
Requires: Wings.

Clock Lancet
Chance to freeze enemies in time.
Ignores: Might, Speed, Amount, Area.

Infinite Corridor
Evolved Clock Lancet. Halves enemies' health.
Requires: Gold Ring, Silver Ring.

Shields from damage when active.
Best with: Cooldown only.

Crimson Shroud
Evolved Laurel. Caps incoming Damage at 10. Retaliates when losing charges.
Requires: Metaglio Left, Metaglio Right.

Vento Sacro
Stronger with continuous movement. Can deal critical damage.
Best with: Luck, Move Speed.

Union of Vento Sacro and Bloody Tear. Critical hits might generate explosions.

Throws a bouncing projectile.
Best with: Duration, Speed.

Cherry Bomb
Throws a bouncing projectile. Explodes, sometimes.
Best with: Luck.

Throws a bouncing projectile. Number of bounces affected by Amount.
Ignores: Duration.

Celestial Dusting
Throws a bouncing projectile. Cooldown reduces when moving.
Best with: Move Speed.

La Robba
Generates bouncing projectiles.
Best with: Duration, Speed.

Greatest Jubilee
Has a chance to summon light sources.
Best with: Luck.

Fires three projectiles at a random enemy.

Fires three projectiles at a random enemy.

Fires three projectiles at a random enemy.

Victory Sword
Strikes with a combo attack at the nearest enemy. Retaliates.
Ignores: Speed, Duration.

Sole Solution
Gift of Victory Sword. The more enemies are defeated, the stronger it grows.
Requires Max: Victory Sword, Torrona's Box.

Flames of Misspell
Emits cones of flames.

Ashes of Muspell
Evolved Flames of Misspell. The more enemies are defeated, the stronger it grows.
Requires Max: Torrona's Box.

Allows you to choose any unlocked base weapon.
Occurrence in level up options affected by Luck.

Super Candybox II Turbo
Gift of Candybox. Allows to choose among a selection of advanced weapons.
Requires: Candybox.


Raises inflicted damage by 10%.

Reduces incoming Damage by 1. Increases retaliatory Damage by 10%.

Hollow Heart
Augments Max Health by 20%.

Character recovers 0.2 HP per second.

Empty Tome
Reduces weapon cooldown by 8%.

Augments area of attacks by 10%.

Increases projectile speed by 10%.

Increases duration of weapon effects by 10%.

Weapons fire more projectiles.

Character moves 10% faster.

Character picks up items from further away.

Character gets 10% luckier.

Character gains 8% more experience.

Stone Mask
Character earns 10% more Gold coins.

Skull O'Maniac
Increases enemy speed, health, quantity, and frequency by 10%.

Revives once with 50% Health.

Torrona's Box
Cursed item, but increases Might, Projectile Speed, Duration, and Area by 4%.
Torrona's Box

Silver Ring
Wear ... Clock ...

Gold Ring
... With ... Lancet

Metaglio Left
Channels dark powers to protect the bearer.

Metaglio Right
Channels dark powers to curse the bearer.


Game Killer
Halts XP gain. Experience Gems turn into exploding projectiles. All Treasure Chests contain at least 3 items.


I - Gemini
Listed weapons come with a counterpart.


II - Twilight Requiem
Listed weapon projectiles generate explosions when they expire. Explosions damage is affected by Curse.


III - Tragic Princess
The cooldown of the listed weapons reduces when moving.


IV - Awake
Gives +3 Revivals. Consuming a Revival gives +10% Max Health, +1 Armor, and +5% Might, Area, Duration, and Speed.


V - Chaos in the Dark Night
Overall projectile Speed continuously changes between -50% and +50% over 10 seconds. The character starts gaining +1% projectile Speed every level.


VI - Sarabande of Healing
Healing is doubled. Recovering HP damages nearby enemies for the same amount.


VII - Iron Blue Will
Listed weapon projectiles gain up to 3 bounces and might pass through enemies and walls.

VIII - Mad Groove
Every 2 minutes attracts all standard stage items, pickups, and light sources towards the character.

IX - Divine Bloodline
Armor also affects listed weapons' damage and reflects enemy damage. Character gains bonus damage depending on missing Health. Defeating enemies with retaliatory damage gives +0.5 Max Health.


X - Beginning
Listed weapons get +1 Amount. The character's main weapon and its evolution gain +3 Amount instead.

XI - Waltz of Pearls
Listed weapon projectiles gain up to 3 bounces.

XII - Out of Bounds
Freezing enemies generates explosions. Orologions are easier to find.


XIII - Wicked Season
Overall Growth, Luck, Greed, and Curse are doubled at fixed intervals. The character starts gaining +1% Growth, Luck, Greed, and Curse every 2 levels.

XIV - Jail of Crystal
Listed weapon projectiles have a chance to freeze enemies.


XV - Disco of Gold
Picking up coin bags from the floor triggers Gold Fever. Obtaining gold restores as many HP.


XVI - Slash
Enables critical hits for listed weapons. Doubles overall critical damage.


XVII - Lost & Found Painting
Overall Duration continuously changes between -50% and +50% over 10 seconds. The character starts gaining +1% Duration every level.

XVIII - Boogaloo of Illusions
Overall Area continuously changes between -25% and +25% over 10 seconds. The character starts gaining +1% Area every level.

XIX - Heart of Fire
Listed weapon projectiles explode on impact. Light sources explode. Character explodes when damaged.


XX - Silent Old Sanctuary
Gives +3 Reroll, Skip, and Banish. Gives +20% Might and -8% Cooldown for each active weapon slot left empty.

XXI - Blood Astronomia
Listed weapons also emit special damaging zones affected by Amount and Magnet. Enemies within Magnet range take damage based on Amount.



Mad Forest
Once a thriving haven, now a dumping ground for evil. A vampire is said to be the root of this evil, but we can find only mayhem and roast chicken.

Inlaid Library
The Futile Scribe was cursed to know all and understand nothing. His endless library may gift us insight… or damnation. A mask of stone whispers endlessly within.

Dairy Plant
The birthplace of Milk Magic churns with chaos. Here, it’s not just blood that curdles. A secret map awaits the hero brave enough to enter this overthrown factory.

Gallo Tower
An edifice of science and sorcery where horror was made manifest in the name of progress. Its many artifacts and experiments may lead us to what we seek.

Cappella Magna
Conceited were they that ruled from so high yet stooped so low. This nexus of debased purity is the perfect place to find a vampire. Probably.

Il Molise
The flowers seem to sing here, calling out to weary heroes. Is such an unspoilt place even real? Does it matter? Is there roast chicken?

Legend tells of a city swallowed by the sea under a full moon’s callous watch. Home to mysteries unknown, we ought to see what lies within its walls.

Green Acres
Fate changes by the minute in a realm where mortals can only trespass. What rewards await those who challenge its rules? Treasure? Glory? Poultry?

The Bone Zone
Calcified carnage awaits where the dead go to live. If we speak unholy vespers we will open the way, but should we not go home? Have we not dug too deep?

Boss Rash
The monsters want entertainment, and if we win their game, the loot is ours for the taking. Let us face these recycled assets and do what we do best… survive!



Tiny Bridge
Two opposing factions abruptly stopped fighting over this little bridge. No doubt the source of this cessation will turn out to be harmless.

Eudaimonia M.
A space between spaces. The culmination of something, or simply another beginning? Tag, you’re it.

Holy Forbidden
Wait, you can see this too? This isn't right...